New Journal Submissions

To be included in The Philosopher’s Index, all new journals and e-journals must be approved by the editors. Approximately half of the articles in each journal issue should be in philosophy or related disciplines, e.g. bioethics, business ethics, philosophy of religion, philosophy of science, etc….

Please submit the following for consideration:

1) One hard copy of two different issues of the journal or e-journal

2) The following information about the journal or e-journal:

Full Title
ISSN Number and/or E-ISSN Number
Publisher Name, Mailing Address, Email Address and Website Address
Subscription Mailing Address and Email Address (if different from above)
Frequency of Publication
Approximate circulation
Are the articles refereed?
Editorial board members and their affiliations

We require that all journal and e-journal publishers send us one complimentary subscription to all future journal publications in hard copy so that each journal issue can be indexed. We request permission to publish any abstract of an article that is provided in the journal. In our attempt to include as many abstracts as possible in The Index, we encourage publishers to publish abstracts of articles in their respective journals.

Once the journal or e-journal is accepted, free indexing is provided by our editorial staff, and your journal receives exposure to the philosophical community worldwide in our online, print and CD-ROM editions.

Submission of New Electronic Journals

All e-journal publications must adhere to the same standard of scholarship as printed journals. After an e-journal is approved, e-journal publishers are required to send us a hard copy of each issue to be indexed; the issue does not have to be bound. For more information, please see: New Journal Submissions.