The Philosopher’s Index

is the Most Authoritative Online Bibliography in Philosophy

This premier bibliographic database is designed to help researchers easily find publications of interest in the field of philosophy.

Serving philosophers worldwide, it contains over 650,000 records from publications that date back to 1902 and originate from 139 countries in 37 languages.

This ready source of information covers all subject areas of philosophy and related disciplines.

The Index features high-quality content with complete and accurate citations, and author-written abstracts for most articles. Many of these abstracts cannot be found in other reference resources; they are unique to The Index.

The Philosopher’s Index provides the highest quality indexing, which yields superior search results.

  • Our editors prescreen each publication to ensure that it pertains to philosophy. You will not find extraneous information from other disciplines in The Index.
  • Indexing is done by a small team of 14 assistant editors, who are philosophers.
  • Our assistant editors scan each article and book. They then capture the “aboutness” of each publication by assigning relevant keywords (subject headings and names) to all records. All of our indexing is done by philosophers without the assistance of computer indexing.
  • To insure consistency, indexing is done using our Custom, Standardized Thesaurus to assign keywords to all records except Book Reviews.
  • Our Thesaurus contains over 18,000 subject headings and over 47,000 names.
  • On average our assistant editors assign 6 keywords per record. Some records have as many as 17 keywords.
  • The Index does not allow users to enter data into the database because it would compromise the quality and integrity of the database.


The Philosopher’s Index Provides

  • Comprehensive Coverage:

Articles from over 1,750 Journals and e-Journals
Books, e-Books, Dictionaries and Encyclopedias
Contributions to Anthologies
Book Reviews

  • Features:

Both Philosophy and Interdisciplinary Sources
Author-written Abstracts for Most Articles
Extensive Subject Indexing facilitates Focused Research and General Browsing by the Philosopher

  • Our Vendors Offer:

Basic and Advanced Search Options
Seamless Connectivity with Links to a Variety of Resources
Personalized and Customizable Folders to Save Individual Search Results
Library, Remote and Mobile Access to The Index Anytime, Anywhere

Find The Philosopher’s Index at most college and university library websites listed under e-Resources, Electronic Resources or Databases. If you need help locating it, please ask your reference librarian for assistance.

Library subscriptions to The Index are available through EBSCO, Ovid and ProQuest.

The Philosopher’s Index is owned and published by the Philosopher’s Information Center.