The Philosopher’s Information Center has partnered with EBSCO to create a new, full-text version of our esteemed Philosopher’s Index database. Now, access to high-quality, full-text philosophy content is a click away.

With 240 full-text journals that originate from 30 countries in 30 languages, The Philosopher’s Index with Full Text via EBSCOhost is the single, largest collection of full-text titles in philosophy.

These 240 titles broadly cover the discipline of philosophy and include subject-specific journals.

With the added benefit of instant access to full text, it provides a unique solution for research in philosophy.

Scholars get immediate access to the articles they are seeking, with the full text available in the record, which also includes rich bibliographic information: complete and accurate citations, detailed abstracts by authors and quality indexing by philosophers. Nowhere else can researchers find all this in a single philosophy database.

—Dr. Anne Seshadri, Assistant Editor

Designed to help philosophers easily find publications of interest, The Philosopher’s Index with Full Text via EBSCOhost includes:

  • Over 100 of the most esteemed journals in philosophy
  • Over 130 additional hard-to-find journals

Essential Journals Broadly Covering the Discipline of Philosophy:

Anuario Filosófico
Canadian Journal of Philosophy
Deutsche Zeitschrift fűr Philosophie
Journal of Chinese Philosophy
Journal of Philosophy

The Monist
Pacific Philosophical Quarterly
The Philosophical Quarterly
Philosophical Studies
Philosophy Compass

Top Titles in Ethics:

American Journal of Bioethics
Business Ethics Quarterly
Business Ethics: A European Review
Criminal Justice Ethics
Developing World Bioethics

Ethics & Behavior
Journal of Ethics
Journal of Military Ethics
Journal of Religious Ethics
Nursing Ethics
Science & Engineering Ethics

Top Titles in Philosophy of Science:

British Journal for the Philosophy of Science
International Studies in the Philosophy of Science
Journal for General Philosophy of Science

Perspectives on Science
Philosophy of Science
Zygon: Journal of Religion & Science

Top Titles in Political Philosophy:

Interpretation: A Journal of Political Philosophy
Journal of Political Philosophy

Review of Politics

Rare Titles:

Found in fewer than 25 libraries worldwide:

Balkan Journal of Philosophy
Beytulhikme: An International Journal of Philosophy
Contrastes: Revista Internacional de Filosofia

Philosophical Writings
Revista Latinoamericana de Filosofia
Sofia Philosophical Review

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