The Philosopher’s Index is available at most college and university library websites listed under e-Resources, Electronic Resources or Databases. If you need help locating it, please ask your reference librarian for assistance.

All three vendors provide basic and advance search options.

There are two primary ways to search The Philosopher’s Index.

1) Basic Search

The Search Box allows you to create a custom search by searching all fields in the database.

To perform a search using the Search Box:

Enter your search—a single word, multiple words, quoted phrase, name(s), title, ISSN, ISBN, Boolean expression, or combination thereof—into the Search Box.

2) Advanced Search

Advanced Searches are more powerful and provide:

  • A choice of search boxes in which to enter your search—different search boxes search different fields in the database
  • The capability to search using multiple search boxes/fields simultaneously
  • The capability to narrow your search results
  • The capability to do more complex Boolean searches

Search Indices

The Philosopher’s Index is searchable by ten different indices, which can be used both to begin and refine your search.

Search Indices:

Author Index
Descriptors/Subject Headings
ISBN Index
ISSN Index

Journal Name Index
Language Index
Name Index

Publication Type Index
Publication Year Index
Reviewer Index
Search Field Codes

Field Codes:

The following field codes are used in The Philosopher’s Index.

AB = Abstract
AU = Author
DE = Descriptors
JI = Journal Issue
JN = Journal Name

JP = Journal Pages
JV = Journal Volume
LA = Language
MT = Monograph Title
NA = Named Authority
PB = Publisher
PL = Publisher’s Location

PT = Publication Type
PU = Publication Information
PY = Publication Year
RV = Reviewer
RW =Related Work
SO = Source
TI = Title
UD = Update Code

For more information, please check with your librarian, or see Online Help for more information about searching online.