The Philosopher’s Index Offers $500 Rebates for New Licenses

Rebates of $500 are available from The Philosopher’s Information Center to first time subscribers for a new one-year license to The Philosopher’s Index.*  You may obtain a new license from any one of our three vendors: EBSCO, Ovid and ProQuest.

Prices vary with vendor, institutional enrollment, consortia membership and the number of simultaneous users. You choose the vendor and negotiate the price.

To receive the $500 rebate:

  • Purchase a new license to The Philosopher’s Index
  • Complete the one-page Rebate Application (PDF)
  • Submit the Application by email, mail or fax to 419.353.8920

If you have further questions, please contact us.

Rebates take approximately 60 days to process.

*This rebate does not apply to institutions that currently have or have had an online license in the past or are changing online vendors.